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Creating a Partnership

We like to work closely with you, to create a website you will be proud to show your clients.

A website that can be easily read, navigated, and understood by your clients.

image of resizing the web for small businessesIf you are a small or micro business, our sites are ideal for you - cost effective and affordable.

Web Portfolio

Affordable Websites

These sites are a small sample of those created by Unique Designer Web Pages. Sites include basic SEO built-in and they work well for their owners.

Melaleuca Motel Portland

image of Melaleuca Motel's new web design

New web design for Melaleuca Motel in Portland, Victoria. 

Protection 1 Security Perth 

image of website design for Protection 1 Security in Perth

Protection 1's new website design works well for them, and they can be found on most search engines for their products.

KC Partnership Brisbane

image of website design for KC Partnership in Brisbane

KC Partnership website specialises in Tax Depreciation On Commercial and Residential Properties located in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.
KC Partnership is happy with their new website design and maintenance of the site.

Advanced Sporting Surfaces (2003 Design)

The Advanced Sporting Surfaces website was designed in 2003, and included SEO.
The site still ranks well in search engines.
image of choice of designsUnique Designer Web Pages can offer you a website, for a very reasonable price!

Small businesses will love being able to have their own website, and not have to worry about expensive site updates - our prices for updating are competitive.

Optimising your site for web visitors and search engines is included in the design.

Website Makeovers

Recently, we were contacted by the new owners of the Melaleuca Motel, in Portland, Victoria. They required a complete revamp of the old web site.

Old Melaleuca Motel Website

image of Melaleuca Motel's old web design  

The old site had been there for quite a while and wasn't performing as it should.
So we decided to start from scratch and design a new site that looked great.Unique Designer Web Pages and Kathi, worked as a team to improve the look of her website to attract more customers, as well as enhancing its functioning. 

New Melaleuca Motel Website

   image of Melaleuca Motel's new web design

WordPress Websites

If you are able to use Word comfortably, you can usually be able to update your site yourself, with WordPress. Once we install WordPress on our preferred hosting servers, we create the theme (look of the website) for you, and upload it to the server so that its fully functioning.

If you wish to just have the theme (website) designed and uploaded we can do that too.
its then up to you how you choose to use the theme, via the settings and preferences.
How the site looks like is then up to you and you choose the content, and upload it to your site.

For some people, a WordPress site is the easiest thing in the world to manage.image of man thinking about website design
For others - its not. Use your current ability to create many different types of Word.documents as a guide as to how you might handle a WordPress site on your own. 

Please do not overestimate your ability.
Your job description of / Manager / CEO / does not necesarily mean you are able to create WordPress content and manage your pages easily. Neither does it mean that the Tea Lady / apprentice / is not capable of managing quite well.

Learn as much as you can, while your WordPress theme is being created for you. http://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_WordPress  

It's a good idea to search on Google for information on How to use WordPress. You will want to learn how to get the best from your new website, and might be surprised to learn that WordPress is not just for blogging, but for creating static (HTML-like) pages too. 
You can also visit your local library, as they often have basic WordPress "how to" books for loan. 

Don't Want To Do Website Updates Yourself?  

That's fine, we can do them for you, and we don't charge high prices unless warrented.
If your time is best spend on running your business and not learning about websites, then we will update your content for you. This includes adding new photos, prices or other information.

Hosting Your Website

We use a preferred hosting company in Australia, that has both Australian and shared US servers.
They are situated in Queensland, and we have had years of happy association for us and our clients. Using an Australian server to host your website has a slight advantage with search engines, as both are located in Australia - the country where your business is located. They are managed well and often run / serve up your website to your clients, faster.

The hosting with our preferred hosting company includes cPanel and Fantastico, which allows you to install other free software with little hassle or knowledge of the technical details. You'll also have plenty of email addresses and even some sub-domains eg www.yourdomainname.com.au + subdomain.yourdomainname.com.au

Beware Of Cheap Oversold Hosting Companies

The shared servers used by this company are not run into the ground by over-selling bandwidth / hosting. They do not run slowly due to having too many customers' websites on them..
Shared servers that are run unethically or oversold, are usually the ones who sell hosting for really cheap prices... and you end up with so many hosted there, that the server often runs slowly, and the software they include (if any) is usually harder for the average person to use.

Note: Unique Designer Web Pages are currently designing web sites for select national and International clients.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and time-frame for your website.